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Why people love Property Flute

Designed to solve commonly occurring problems

Property Flute makes the most demanding of scenarios a breeze to manage and overcome. Fractional vote counting, owners with multiple units, voters with multiple proxies and secret ballot voting are just some of the major issues Property Flute has helped solve. Start using a platform that's designed for your industry.

Minimal training, start using within minutes!

Property Flute is designed for ease of use. Whether you are managing the meeting or voting, you will find the platform to be intuitive.

Save time and money

Super-fast motioning, vote collection and tabulation, saving everyone time and allowing your voters to deliberate or end the meeting early!

When it comes to cost savings, Property Flute makes your scrutineer's job simple and optional. If running meetings electronically you’ll also save on meeting room fees.

Avoid costly mistakes

Use a tool that guides you through the meeting and helps ensure your registration, check-in process and voting is accurate. Have all important metrics tabulated and at your disposal such as quorum tracking and vote tabulation. Property Flute helps reduce the chance of your strata/community and or clients from having to redo a meeting.

Tailored for B.C. Strata Corporations

During COVID-19 our customers' number one problem was finding a solution that was designed around the B.C. Strata Property Act, Property Flute is the solution. Whether running meetings electronically or in-person, Property Flute has your back!

Property Flute advantages

FeatureThe Property Flute AdvantageOther Solutions (Zoom, Webex, etc.)
Is a conference platform?
Tracks quorum?
Fractional votes?
Ownership of multiple units?
Holding one or more proxies?
Non voters attending the meeting?
Secret ballot supported?
Status tracking?
Full logging and auditing?
Tailored for the B.C. Strata Property Act (SPA)?

To find out more about the differences between Property Flute and other solutions, see our detailed comparison table.

FeatureThe Property Flute AdvantageOther Solutions (Zoom, Webex, etc.)
Is a conference platform?Property Flute handles the meeting management and voting aspects, solving some of the most complex problems.

Users have their choice of which third-party conferencing platform they may choose to utilize.
Yes, and some do offer generic meeting management tools, but are not tailored to handle many of the scenarios stratas and communities face such as fractional voting, owners with multiple units, and proxy voters representing multiple owners.
Tracks quorum?Yes! Track the quorum through selective check-in process.Some platforms do have voter registration features but lack the check-in features which help track quorum and who's voted prior to closing voting rounds.
Fractional votes?Yes! With Property Flute, you can rest assured that fractional voting is fully supported. The platform will instantly tabulate results live.Other platforms aren’t designed for fractional voting and therefore they wouldn’t be usable without ad-hoc workflows requiring manual calculations. This process can be time consuming and prone to error on tabulation.
Ownership of multiple units?Yes! Ownership of multiple units is fully supported!Other platforms require manual vote collection.
Holding one or more proxies?Yes! Proxy voters can easily vote for multiple owners.Other platforms require manual proxy vote collection.
Non-voters attending the meeting?It is ok to have non-voters in the meeting. Our comprehensive check-in makes sure they don't participate in the voting process in any way.In other platforms complex workflows are required to achieve the same result or may not be supported.
Secret ballot supported?Yes! Secret ballot voting is supported for electronic meetings. In-person or electronic/in-person combination meetings might require a scrutineer.Limited support. Requires complex manual workflows.
Status tracking?Yes! See who hasn’t voted prior to closing the voting round. Ensuring you collect ALL voters votes.Not supported. Unable to see who has not yet voted before the voting round is closed.
Full logging and auditing?Yes! The platform provides an audit trail of what the meeting manager does and what the voters do, providing you full auditing capabilities.

Secret ballot votes are omitted from the audit trail to ensure compliance is met. You will however still see that a voter voted, but not how they voted for secret ballot submissions.
Limited information.
Tailored for the B.C. Strata Property Act (SPA)?Yes! Purpose built for British Columbia strata corporations and similar organizations.Limited support. Other solutions weren’t tailored for the B.C. Strata Property Act. Most alternatives are designed as meeting tools for businesses - which has a very different requirement. Other Home Owner Association tools do not account for the various nuances that the SPA requires.

Working with Property Flute is easy

Define your community

Define your strata plan/community that you’d like to create meetings for.

Create a meeting

Define the title of the meeting, date and size of the strata based on strata lots and enter your agenda.

Import or define strata lots and voters

Import easily from a spreadsheet (comma separated file or cut and paste) or define strata lots and voters manually.

Send out meeting notices

Once your meeting is ready, send out the notices to all voters with the built-in easy to use email interface.

Run your meeting!

Whether electronically


in person

on meeting day, your meeting will be ready to go.
Focus on checking in your voters and running your meeting!

Choose from self run or assisted meeting options

Self run

After some basic training, you’ll be able to run meetings all by yourself or with your own assistants.

Property Flute has full support for multi manager assisted meetings which allows you to streamline voter check-in for large groups.

Great option for Property Management Companies, law firms, meeting manager service companies and self run stratas or communities that wish to use Property Flute on a regular basis.


Don’t have a colleague/assistant of your own? Or are you a self-managed strata/community? Or maybe you have a large strata or community to run a meeting for? No problem!

With a Property Flute platform assistant, you can have one of our representatives assist and help out with the check-in process or general platform workflow questions at your meeting.


Prices in Canadian Dollars + applicable taxes

UnitsSelf-run MeetingsAssisted Meetings*
< 15$100$250
400+Contact usContact us
Council meeting**$35$185
* Assisted meetings include 3 hours of coverage. Additional time is billed separately at $100/per 1 hour.
** Self-run council meeting package available. 6 council meetings for $100/year

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