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B.C. Strata Tech Conference - Free starting March 31st

We welcome the strata property community to the inaugural B.C. Strata Tech conference hosted by Property Flute Ltd. This free online event runs March 31st, to April 1st, 2023. This first of its kind strata event is designed for diverse participation and welcomes Councilors, Owners, Residents, Strata Managers, Strata employees, Land use professionals (Lawyers & Realtors), and Investors who share a passion for innovative solutions in British Columbia strata living.

This online conference provides a wholistic view of the strata property system through leading edge insights and best practices for managing and governing strata corporations. It began with an idea to explore the latest software solutions for streamlining strata operations. It also features experts on strata property law featuring governance and operations topics.

Our distinguished lineup of software service companies includes:
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This two-day event also features guest speakers:
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This unique opportunity connects participants to leading edge information on strata living from experts through presentations and live Q&As. Please join us for our free virtual B.C. Strata Tech 2023 event and take your strata living experience to the next level!

What are people saying about the arrival of the B.C. Strata Tech conference?

“Our strata engaged the services of Property Flute at our AGM this past January. Thanks to the professional and patient guidance of Ryan Grant, one of the founders of Property Flute, our AGM was very successful. This unique platform was exactly what we needed to make our voting procedure seamless and confidential as well as eliminating any controversy. Some owners even said they enjoyed the experience. How often does that happen at an AGM!! As the president of a self managed strata in Victoria, I am very excited about the upcoming B.C. Strata Tech conference. I am looking forward to learning about other products and services that will further help us streamline our strata operations and prepare our strata for the future.” - Carol Heerspink

"We are very excited about the upcoming conference. Fort Park likes to push efficiencies through the use of technology, which benefits the owners and councils in the communities we manage in terms of response times and being able to handle the volume of action items required in a busy strata management environment. We are currently using PowerStrata as our primary owner portal, which has been hugely beneficial for us to streamline communications with the communities we manage. We are always testing new tools to see how we can improve our customer experience, and are hoping to discover some new solutions at the conference as well!" - Chris Stepchuk, CEO & Managing Broker of Fort Park Property Management & Real Estate

“B.C. Strata Tech presents a refreshingly inclusive event for strata owners and residents to freely receive information about the strata property system.” - A member from a strata support group.

Registration and contact information can be found at:

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Property Flute Ltd. and Power Strata Systems Inc. Announce Integration for B.C. Strata Corporations

Vancouver, B.C. - Property Flute Ltd. and Power Strata Systems Inc. are proud to announce the integration of their respective strata management platforms, Property Flute and PowerStrata.

Property Flute is a leading strata meeting management and voting platform, tailored to the B.C. Strata Property Act, helping B.C. strata corporations facilitate electronic and in-person or hybrid style meetings. Power Strata Systems Inc.'s Strata Property Management platform, (PowerStrata), is tailored for B.C. and provides services to strata management companies, and both self-managed and professionally-managed strata corporations, helping strata managers, council members, and strata owners effectively manage their properties.

The integration allows PowerStrata clients to easily export strata lot and voter information into a spreadsheet, which can be imported into Property Flute. This integration streamlines the strata management process saving valuable time for PowerStrata and Property Flute clients.

Ryan Grant, Co-Founder of Property Flute Ltd., said, “Collaboration between local companies is driving rapid growth in property management solutions in B.C. This export capability is a step towards supporting both self-managed and professionally managed strata corporations in efficiently operating their properties while saving time.”

Shervin Shapourian, Co-Founder of Power Strata Systems Inc., has been a pioneer in the Strata Management software space since the launch of their cloud-based property management solution, PowerStrata, in 2011. PowerStrata is the leading B.C. tailored platform for managing strata corporations of all sizes and complexity. The platform offers features such as Depreciation Report and Contingency Reserve Fund modelling, accounting integrations, Form B generations, owner and tenant tools, document storage, and much more, saving strata owners, council members and managers time, money and reducing or eliminating the chance of costly mistakes.

This integration is a significant accomplishment for both Property Flute Ltd. and Power Strata Systems Inc., and for the greater good of B.C. strata corporation owners. The companies are committed to continuing their mission of providing innovative and efficient strata management solutions to the B.C. community.

For more information, please visit:

Property Flute Ltd.
Power Strata Systems Inc.

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